475 Kgs of Potatoes

475 Kgs of hand prepared potatoes in a week - wow!

Over the lockdown period we’ve had time to reflect.

Time to think about the things we do, the food we prepare and serve and where we buy it from. Time to consider the art of the possible; what is the level of quality we can achieve given the volume we serve, the skill of the team and the consistency we strive for.

We’ve had the time to challenge why do we do it that way in many areas and to put aside that awful phrase; used in many walks of life; “because that’s the way we’ve always done it”.

So confession time…. in the past we at the Devonshire Arms have been guilty of taking a bit of a cop out and have served bought in fries alongside the triple cooked chips. Why? Why have we served you something we aren’t proud of?

Partly ‘because that’s we way we’ve always done it’, maybe we weren’t confident on achieving consistent results and maybe we didn’t feel we had the skills available, however bought in chips do not reflect who we are and our vision for what we want to deliver for you, our discerning guests.

So we have made the commitment that we are no longer taking the easy path using bought in fries. We will now select the best variety of potato for that time of the year, and prepare them the best way each variety dictates. They will vary as the sugar level varies throughout the year but we will deal with that as we go.

We will tell you the variety, the farm they are from and no matter how busy we are we will cut your chips, part steam, blanch and then crisp them in rapeseed oil, because you’re worth it, will appreciate it and we can.

It is no small feat as we are finding ….

Last week we prepared four hundred and seventy five kilos of Maris Piper potatoes, approximately 350kg for chips, 50kg for our baked potato mash (we use the empty baked potato shells for our fish pie filled potato skins, 25kg for the dauphinoise potatoes and the final 2 sacks of potatoes for proper roasties for your Sunday lunches.

Almost half a ton of potatoes through 6 stages; prep, cut, steam, blanche, fry, plate; in a week!

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