A tasty sustainable alternative..

Rock or Stone Bass

Formerly known as Meagre or Wreckfish, Stone or Rock Bass has been sustainably farmed to the highest standards in the Mediterranean for last 20 years. It provides a genuinely sustainable alternative to the over fishing of wild Sea Bass.

It grows to a larger size than farmed Sea Bass - typically around 4-5kilos yielding a large fillet and therefore a good thick portion with firm and flavoursome flesh, as opposed to the thin and flimsy farmed Bass. 

Alternatively as availability and funds allow you can have large wild Sea Bass - reassuringly expensive and worth every penny in our opinion.

This week we have paired its delicious flesh with pan fired New Potatoes and Romanesco as well as Samphire and a delicious Shrimp Bisque.

Try it with our delicious Albarino or Orange Republic wines both obviously available by the glass.

Don't forget to ask your fishmonger for it - it might cause them to stock it as an alternative to other less sustainable fish.

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