Bloody Hell Veganism Works!

Those that know Darren, Elly and me will surely agree we are not fluffy snowflakes. We like meat. We didn't do this with an agenda to save the climate or animals we simply wanted to test the extravagant health claims. We were skeptical and if I am honest hoped that it would turn out to be hyped nonsense. But what if the claims weren't rubbish and and we would be healthier and feel better?

So what happened...


  • We ate a totally plant based diet for 1 week - everything cooked from scratch no bought in or substitute items - no compromises.

  • We took our blood pressure, weight and cholesterol measurements at the beginning and at the end.

  • What did we expect? To miss any number of meat and dairy items and while we might possibly feel better the benefits would be negligible if indeed there were any.

  • We felt significantly better - more energy - more sustained energy throughout the day - not sluggish after meals and generally just a lot better

  • The metrics were actually amazing and far better than we expected or our doctor expected.

Blood Pressure

As you know I had a heart attack and despite my suite of tablets my BP is typically about 140/80 still higher than I would like and that is never the first reading but typically the 3rd after a period of relaxing.

Before - 140 / 82 - this was the 4th reading and quite typical

After - 122 / 77 the first reading! I don't ever remember having a BP reading of this level before!

Darren's BP was 143 / 93 before and after was 128 / 83

Astonishing results for us both.


Not much change expected here in a week but how wrong we were. Not mine given the tablets I take already but for Darren and Elly the results were a reduction in their Cholesterol Index of 25% and 19% respectively - in a week. Less total Cholesterol in both cases and more good HDL Cholesterol.

Blown away with the improvement!


Darren lost 2.8kgs and I lost 1.1kgs

Elly didn't record her weight but hopefully she will not mind me sharing that she started wearing dresses as her stomach had shrunk and she felt comfortable for the first time in a long time - ask Elly for the why and how as i am not getting into it here.


All measures were positive in one way or another and to surprising levels but the real outtake would be we felt so much better evidenced primarily by the fact that we haven't rushed back to our old ways

I went to the supermarket on the last day and while I expected to load up with all the items I had missed for after the end of my week - i didn't - i only bought plant based items not at all what I expected.

Darren went cycling after 6 weeks off expecting a tough ride and not expecting to be able to go his full route - he went his full route 20 miles - didn't have to stop which he sometimes has to after periods of no rides - he got a whole raft - in excess of 10 top 3 or PB performances - he was astonished!

Darren and I are going to continue - not exclusively plant based. I had two days of old style eating and having felt rubbish (relatively) I will be a lot more picky and probably predominantly plant based. I have not had anything non plant based for breakfast or lunch in 6 days following the end of the weeks diet.

Darren and I have discussed running the week again in the near future so others who have shown an interest can join us this time round. The hardest part is not having a repertoire of recipes and knowing what to cook something we can help with and will.

I didn't believe we would be here!

I didn't believe I would feel as good and the bottom line is that even putting the measures to one side it is worth being more plant based to both of us because of how we feel.

Un bloody believable!

Watch out for Darren's day by day diary coming next then some ideas for meals - breakfast lunch and dinner.

Have a great day - keep an open mind!

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