Did you do enough for Valentines?

Updated: Feb 16

Are you in trouble?

Do you wish you could have done more?

I think we can help!

Just for the record I don't buy into Valentines Day I happen to think it's a retail marketing vehicle supported by pubs and restaurants who are happy to inflate menu prices to get a February spike in sales. A fair few people feel pressured to spend money they can ill afford on stuff that's more expensive than normal:

  • Flowers

  • Hotels and Spa's

  • Valentine Meal

I love my wife; Samantha; every day but refuse to be pressurised to celebrate on the 14th February, buying something, indeed anything, even if she doesn't need it, all just to tick the box.

The Valentines Day evening shift itself is probably the worst shift of the year with a good proportion of couples dining in silence. Often one of the party is only there because they had to be and it seems more a meal out of duty than a celebration of love. Ask anyone in hospitality.

There is nothing better than a restaurant or bar full of people enjoying spending time with people they love and or like - the atmosphere is brilliant and contagious. We see it all the time but many people just cant afford to get out and escape as often as they would like.

Bridging The Gap

Lets be honest even in these affluent parts people don't have cash to burn. In many households people find it hard to justify the expense to celebrate and give a treat to the people they love. So instead of a special set menu or inflated prices on Valentines Day I invite you to surprise your loved one or loved ones over the coming 3 weeks by taking advantage of the following offer:

  • Monday - Friday - book for either pub and we will give you 50% off your food

  • Saturday - you can take 40% Off food

  • Sunday - get that Roast Sunday Lunch; the classic family meal; or any other menu item for that matter with 20% Off

Please just come with love in your heart and a smile on your face. Let us look after you and the people you love no washing up no TV just good quality time out. Don't just bring your partner - bring your whole family and some friends and celebrate all the people you love over some great food at fantastic prices.

To take advantage simply book online through Dine Out Club and quote "SFM COLO OFFER" in the booking notes. You also get 2 for 1 cocktails.

More than 6 of you call to book!

The offer is valid from Saturday 15th February for 3 weeks ending at close of service on Sunday 8th March.

So how much will it cost you and what is the catch?

No catch.

All our food is cooked from scratch using high quality ingredients and nothing is changing - no portion downgrades no substituting cheaper ingredients.

Our pork will continue to come from Mr Caffety in Ashover, our Sausages will still be Mr Taylors Award winning ones and our Mussels will still be fresh.

The Devonshire Arms

  • Monday to Friday a three course meal including a Steak at The Devonshire will cost about £17 per head but having only a main could cost you as little as £5.50 for Ham & Eggs.

  • Saturday the same three course meal will cost you £20 and Ham & Eggs will cost £6.60

  • Sunday a Roast Sunday Lunch will cost from £10.36

  • Book The Devonshire Arms

The Bridge Inn

  • Monday to Friday you can take the El Classico Tapas set menu (loads of food) for £11 a head or a three course meal will cost you about £13 per head or just a Cheese, Chorizo & Aioli Burger will cost you £6.00.

  • Saturday the same Tapas feast will cost you £13.20 while the three course meal will be £15.60

  • Sunday a Roast Sunday Lunch will cost you £11.60

  • Book The Bridge Inn

Love is not measured by how much you spend so please take advantage of the offer and surprise people you care about with a wonderful evening or lunch out that isn't going to break the bank.

Life is all about family, friends and community and kicking back and appreciating what we have. I hope that our offer helps.

If you can work out why the offer code is SFM COLO then aside from being a genius, a mindreader or similar I will buy you a bottle of wine - with what you think the letters stand for.

Have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you soon.

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