Go Vegan Update

Firstly thanks for all the supportive comments and to those who have already e mailed to say they want to join me. Secondly Darren is joining me but having chatted through the plan at length we have come to the conclusion it will be January before we can start the plan.

As we thought one of the biggest barriers people who have tried to do this before is the challenge of checking ingredients and knowing what to cook. As we buy very little food in for the pubs that isn't a core ingredient identifying the ingredients isn't a problem - just one of the many benefits of cooking our menu from scratch.

In discussions we thought we would put a 7 day plan in place covering breakfast lunch and dinner in the two pubs. Anyone who wants to join us can piggyback this and we will offer a discounted price for those on the vegan trial with us.

In the meantime I have been limbering up with more plant based meals but this mornings Award Winning Owen Taylor Sausage Brioche Sandwich was delicious.

As we finalise a plan we will keep you posted and I think we might see if we can't sort packed lunches or a recipe plan as not everyone can be free to eat breakfast lunch and dinner in the pub as they work away from the area.

I am beginning to look forward to this and having enjoyed some delicious plant based food recently it's not as bad as us meat eaters make out.

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