Holidays don't have to mean a plane!

Samantha was just finishing a 12-5 shift on the floor and we were going to go to the Gym but she had a "better idea" suggesting - "lets do Rock Paper Scissors - if you win we go shopping, cook and go to the Gym - if I win we stay here read, chat, drink wine and eat delicious food by the fire."

We go on holiday and spend hours chilling over food and drink, chatting and watching the world go by. Some of our favourites include Tast Club, State Bird Provisions and The Star at Harome yet we have a place we created to bring all our favourite things together and we don't take advantage of it as much as we can or indeed should.

We don't need to go away, we have The Bridge - a holiday for a couple of hours and a perfect escape.

So it was a no brainer and there was no need for Rock Paper Scissors!

Two armchairs, an open fire, a glass of Puro, two kindles, an attentive team and a menu where the only problem is deciding from the long list of desirables - I genuinely enjoy every dish. So what first?

After some discussion we settle on a small Iberico de Bellota, some Guindillas and a plate of Manchego & Membrillo to start.

Delicious, slowly grazing and picking, reading and chatting. Then a break, especially as friends walked in and we caught up on their Skiing exploits and they seek suggestions from the new menu.

There is no rush - not here and so we order round 2, Tortilla Espanol & Mushroom Rarebit.

So often tortillas can be dry and sometimes even grainy when they are just being reheated - not here where they are cooked to order and not when Darren or Alfie does it - this was amazing as good as our favourite Tast Club's incredible Tortilla. The Mushroom Rarebit has been a revelation since Darren introduced this genius little dish and it never fails.

Fabulous and as our dishes are cleared Amie asks "What's Next?" We have already decided its time for some fish - and the excellent Mackerel Pate followed by those wonderful fresh mussels from The Isle of Lewis in the Moules Frites - just the ticket.

We hardly ever have a Pudding but when on holiday - it would be rude not to - we were over two hours in now and decided we had space for a something to finish the evening off. Following a discussion about which Cheese Board was the best The Bridge or The Devonshire we settled on a Cheese Board and some Churros - only a Kids portion of Churros mind.

What a wonderfully relaxing evening! A lot of food - well not too much but certainly too much if you try and devour it in an hour and a half. Take your time and it's a breeze.

Fancy a three hour holiday?

Pick your company well and book through Dine Out Club Monday - Thursday quoting "SFM LBH" and its yours with a bottle of Pulpo, Albarino for €50 or £42.50 that's €25 or £21.25 each

See you can escape without it breaking the bank!


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