January Sale - Starts Now

With all of the concerns and challenges that seem to be everywhere at the moment we thought some early Christmas cheer would be in order. Something to look forward to, so to speak. So we are offering readers of our New Devonshire Digest, 50% off rooms in January.

We have reserved rooms throughout January exclusively for readers of the Devonshire Digest.

Each of these rooms will be available with 50% off the prevailing rate - first come, first served.

If you want to secure your break away in January?

Simply call 01246 582551 - Monday - Friday between 8am & 5pm and speak to Alice or Rachel to book your room.

While you will need to provide valid card details to secure and book your room - rest assured no money will be taken in advance of your visit.

In the event of Boris closing us down again your booking will simply be cancelled or moved to another date in January if possible.

50% off means room rates ranging from as little as £45 which; by the way; includes taxes and breakfast.

If you missed the “Devonshire Digest” fear not just drop us an e mail to info@devonshirebaslow.com and we will get one sent out (as it contains the code phrase) and add you to the distribution list to make sure you don’t miss out in the future.

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all your support since we reopened it has been hugely appreciated.

We hope to see you soon and have the chance to come and visit us and escape the madness in January.

In the meantime we hope you remain safe and again, have a lovely Christmas.

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