Not Just Any Old Hot Dog

One of the great things about working in a team is working with people who can bounce ideas around and have it evolve into more than you expect.

Creating a menu is exciting when you are working with great chef's. Knowing full well that when and if something as ordinary as the Hot Dog you propose makes our menu it will not be just a bog standard one. It will be a Hot Dog that meets and eclipses all of the standards we set ourselves for every dish.

Why don't pubs sell Hot Dogs? Why don't we do a Hot Dog - that was the initial question?

Less than keen initially, Darren only took a couple of few weeks in lock down to contemplate the idea and roll it around so that when we were scripting the new menu for opening Darren nonchalantly listed "Hot Dog" - the idea has resurfaced and the solution; a great new addition to our menu; becomes evident.

This is not just any Dog this is a Devonshire Dog courtesy of Darren - The Coney Island Hot Dog - it isn't over elaborate - and while still a Dog that everyone can recognise it has that certain something that elevates the ordinary to the special.

A high quality dog - still with enough similarities to the expected ordinary, but better - served not on a run of the mill finger roll but on a toasted Brioche bun.

Add Ketchup and Frenchies mustard - that would be expected and damn good but no, this one has Ketchup and Coney Island Hot Dog Mustard - and its a revelation!

Sounds great already but then there is the icing on the Dog - pickled pink onions.

This is a Hot Dog but not just an ordinary one and I have to declare, it is becoming a far too regular snack for me - I love them. I am pretty sure you will too.

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