Not My Fault Claims Guest!

What the hell!

I arrived back from holiday to hear all about what has been going on while we were away...

  • Sybil has been difficult all the time you have been away and everyone has had enough of her

  • Manuel has just handed in his notice - not sure how we cover his hours when he goes

  • The new grill you ordered over three weeks ago still hasn't shown up

  • A lady in Room 6 (for now nameless) ran a bath to devastating effect.....

Hardly high drama - thank fully wait what was that about room 6?

The lady checked in, settled in her 4 Poster bedroom and had a lovely evening in the pub over a few(?) drinks and a bite to eat before heading back to her room. Back in the room she obviously decided she wanted a bath so she started running the bath running - or tried to. However, as advised on check in our pumps go off at 11.30pm so there was little or nothing coming out of the bath taps. Instead of turning the taps off, she left them and lay down for a moment.

You guessed it she fell asleep and in the morning when the pumps came back on the water flowed and flowed - carnage - while she slept soundly in her 4 poster bed.

Yes she never bothered to TURN THE BLOODY TAPS OFF and at 6.50am as the team arrived - they found water gushing through the ceiling.

She claimed it wasn't here fault and that she is not responsible and our insurance will cover it.

Perhaps she didn't start the bath running? No she definitely was the one who turned the taps on and the one who didn't turn them off before lying down.

Who does that? Who turns taps on and when nothing or very little is coming out says I know I will leave them on while I lay down on the bed for a while!

We know mistakes happen just just fess up, apologise and be nice!

Even when the team found alternative accommodation for her and the guests in the room below there was no gratitude and there was certainly no "I am so sorry" just "its your fault and your insurance will pay".

Who behaves like this - can you conceive of doing the same and saying - not my fault?

The damage was significant as were the costs which obviously included re housing guests at short notice at a weekend.

Oh well - stay calm and carry on - accidents happen and aside from the mad bath assassin everything had been good and the team had been amazing while we were away.

Something the team forgot to tell me came to light when I received a text on Saturday morning. I received a text from Ellie alerting me to the fact that we had been named in the Times 40 Best British Summer Pubs!

Amazing - WOW etc etc

I was non plussed that our imminent inclusion wasn't the first thing the team; who had had communication from The Times; told me.

It really is good to focus on the good stuff - catch people doing things right - celebrate the kindnesses and don't sweat stuff you can't directly change. There will always be difficult people and there is certainly plenty of doom and gloom about so lets focus on the good stuff that happens.

What a lovely surprise the Times accolade is - well done team! It is a credit to all of you and to our guests who create the ambience and atmosphere and sometimes even the odd flood.

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