Our Bloody Amazing NHS

Two Brothers - Two Heart Attacks - Only Nine Months Apart - Thank you NHS!

As many of you are aware last May I had a heart attack - a warning shot signalling an end to my total freedom of civil liberties and the introduction of some lifestyle modifications as agreed with Samantha, Alice and Izzy.

Now less than 10 months later my little brother Graeme - 6.5 years my younger - has followed suit. At 7am last Monday he began suffering chest pains, jaw ache, nausea and dizziness, Graeme being Graeme be didn't say anything until pressed by Gracie at 10am why he was resting his head on the table. Only then did he explain how he felt - chest pains, nauseous, jaw ache, sweats, numb arms and breathlessness - classic!

Following frantic calls to Samantha and I, Gracie had clear instructions to ignore Graeme and call 999 as we rushed to The Bridge.

The lady on 999 was calmness personified, explaining that although the Ambulances weren’t close they were on their way under blues and twos - advising us to give him 300mgs of Aspirin (something I have plenty of) and keep him sitting and calm. In no time at all the 1st responder arrived followed shortly by the Ambulance team. The ambulance team explained what they were doing at every point - having stabilised Graeme and identified that he was having a heart attack on the ECG they set about taking Graeme to Sheffield. After a call to the hospital they advised that despite the symptoms, because he was only 48 he was going straight in to see a Coronary doctor when he arrived.

By the time i arrived at Sheffield Northern General he was already in having his angiogram and less than 2 hours after leaving The Bridge he had joined me as the proud and fortunate bearer of 1 stent.


Angioplasty is incredible - a small nick on the wrist and genius is wielded by the team in theatre to identify and fix blockages. Back to the ward to be monitored, bathed and generally waited on by amazing underpaid public servants.

NHS we salute you, the fine institution and every person who works within it. This behemoth that government cannot seem to break despite every cut it has endured.

The good people of the NHS are amazing - these kind wonderful people who put up with everything you can imagine are always there to try and help us. A night in A&E and you realise they even try and care for drunken fools that want to fight them rather than welcome their help.

Despite the increased pressure on their budgets and a diminution in the pay of every member of this heroic segment of the public sector and despite government and their cuts the NHS is rightly the envy of the world.

This isn’t a party political point - yes it happens to have been a Conservative government - but the budget this year is over £10 Billion down on what it would have been had the budget simply grown in line with RPI since 2008. Yet they continue to serve and take care of us.

There is very little we can do to say thank you - anything is inadequate when compared to what they do.

We do however own two pubs that serve great food and drink and so it is with sincere gratitude that we invite any member of the NHS to come and be waited on by our team - we are not equipped to save your life but we can afford you some escape and 25% off your total bill.

All you need to do is book online or by calling quoting "SFM NHS" Thank you. You will need to bring your NHS card (the one from your lanyard with you as proof of employment to get your discount.

The Bridge Inn - www.bridgecalver.com - 01433 442479

The Devonshire Arms - www.devonshirebaslow.com - 01246 582551

Thank you again everyone who works in this wonderful institution.


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