Ours is not to reason why....

We have avoided and will continue to avoid commenting on the decisions and restrictions of the government. This is new territory for everyone and it is hard for everyone. We all just need to do our best and do what it takes to keep the vulnerable safe while trying to live as normally as possible. After all so many people in the UK and around the world have it so much worse than us.

The support we have received from everyone since we re opened on the 4th July has been incredible and we are grateful to all those who have appreciated the incredibly hard work the team here have put in to ensure everyone feels safe. We have had so  many people commenting on how safe they feel. Comments like these three that spring to mind as i write have not been at all unusual. 

“I feel safer in here than I do out there”  "This is so much more controlled and safe than visiting a supermarket” "I was a little nervous before we arrived as its our first outing but its been wonderful and I have felt so safe" With the latest changes little will change for you and we know you will support us to support everyone and keep us all safe.  As social creatures we need interaction for our sanity and wellbeing so another full lockdown would be awful on so many levels. So let's all do what we must!

Following the PM’s statement we thought it best to simplify and clarify the changes that come into effect tomorrow:

  • Table service will continue as before but will now be extended to tables outside too

  • Our team will wear masks

  • Guests are required to wear masks whenever they are not seated at their table - so on arrival please have your mask on removing only when seated. If you get up from the table at any point your mask must be donned.

  • The last table booking will be at 8.15pm 

  • Everyone will be required to have vacated the bar and restaurant by 10pm as our doors will be closed from 10pm

  • The Rule of 6 will be maintained and as some who have tried to game the law by booking numerous tables have found, we will continue to strictly adhere to this requirement and only allow parties of up to 6

  • We will continue to operate Track & Trace as we have thus far.

Please keep each other safe and we hope to see you soon.

For those of you that yearn for a dose of normal(ish) life we will remain here for you as long as we can.

We will still be smiling behind the masks!

The Devonshire Arms Team

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