Peak District Pubs in The Times Best British Summer Pubs

The Devonshire Arms and The Barrel Inn have been listed in The Times Top 40 British Summer Pubs - Amazing!

The Devonshire Arms listed in The Times 40 Best British Summer Pubs - I nearly had another coronary! Chatting to Diane and Phil from the Barrel Inn they were also delighted and surprised.

Lets put this achievement for The Devonshire Arms & The Barrel Inn in context:

There are around 45,000 pubs in Britain

The Peak District National Park occupies 0.6% of the land area and 0.05% of the population Yet it would appear that we have 2 pubs in The Times Best 40 summer pubs.

There will be many Peak District pubs that believe they should have been included and many that residents of the area will think are better than The Devonshire Arms and The Barrel and they may be right. We have another pub The Bridge Inn that we think is worthy but so what we should all just be delighted that we have so many great pubs on our doorsteps especially as so many have been closing.

We are certainly grateful that we have enough guests to stave off the challenges of growing costs and the nervousness caused by economic uncertainty. It's not easy and every pub has to work harder than ever against the challenges of take away's, 2 Meals for £10 and streamed on demand films from the comfort of your sofa.

But back to the bright side of life....

We are blown away to be included The Times Top 40 which includes pubs backed by such luminaries as Rick Stein and Tom Kerridge. I know a good few in the list and they are damn good pubs - but I also know some others that I would have included that are not there.

It easy to pick holes in our own homes or the way we do things and we often forget to remember what we do right and certainly how hard we try and how well intentioned we are every day.

As per a previous post it is easy to focus on the mistakes or the drama rather than the vast number of people that have a great experience and though they will never write a review we know we have helped have a better day.

The Devonshire Arms - Listed 3rd in the Top 10 pubs with walks
Spend the morning exploring Chatsworth House and estate and the walking trails through Stand Wood, then retire to this elegant, family-friendly Peak District pub with bedrooms. In addition to pub classics such as steak & ale pie, sausage & mash, and a selection of grills, the menu features mezze boards to share and a range of kebabs with flatbreads.

The Barrel Inn - Listed 20th in the 20 best pubs with rooms
So far-reaching are the views from the Barrel that on a clear day drinkers ensconced on its outdoor benches can look over five counties. They can also see across Hope Valley & The Peak District National Park, excellent places for hikes before a hearty dinner. If it's too cool of an evening to eat alfresco - the Barrel occupies a 1,300 ft high plateau - enjoy your black pudding fritter or grilled gammon steak in the beamed bar, all gleaming copper and brass, instead. Up top are five country-style bedrooms, two of them featuring a bath.

We are a family owned and run independent pub whose team always strives to give guests a great experience and we always looking for ways to be better. It's not lost on us that one of the core reasons we were included was that we are located in a beautiful village in the stunning Peak District a 20 minute door to door walk from Chatsworth House.

How lucky are we - very and I have never appreciated it more than I have every day since the heart attack on the 11th May.

To see the full listing visit The Times Top 40 British Summer Pubs

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