Staying Safe - Tier 1

Following the recent news and the uncertainty we thought it wise to update everyone concerning the Covid Tier’s and The Devonshire Arms.

The Devonshire Arms has been and remains a vibrant, enjoyable restaurant, pub and hotel focussed on ensuring your and our safety while providing a hospitable experience for all.

We have all been living under these very different conditions for sometime and it has taught us that while things may be a little inconvenient, once seated the experience at The Devonshire is largely unchanged with great food and drink served by a very hospitable nice team with smiling eyes.

The Devonshire Arms is currently in Tier 1 which means we continue to follow the medium risk rules:

  • Internal Dining & Drinking - people can meet in a group of up to 6 people from multiple households. Meetings of above this number is against the law and subject to fines up to £6,400. The same applies to dining and drinking outside at The Devonshire.

  • We are restricted to table service which is as it has been for some time.

  • At least one member of every group is required to provide track and trace details. We require this even if you choose to use the NHS Track & Trace QR code which is available when you arrive.

  • Face coverings must be worn to enter and move about inside The Devonshire Arms but may be removed when seated at your table.

  • We are closing at 10pm everyday and the last tables are booked at 8.15 though I would note that we can take later bookings up until 9pm as long as we are confident other bookings and volumes will allow us to guarantee we can provide a full experience in 1 hour ensuring we all comply with the 10pm closure.

  • We hope that no guest objects to the temperature checks we recently introduced for each guest on arrival. None have as yet as they recognise it is only to ensure we retain as safe an environment as possible.

If you are travelling from an area that is in Tier 2 the following restrictions apply if you wish to visit us at The Devonshire Arms:

  • You are permitted to travel outside your area to have a meal or a drink with us but you may not use The Devonshire Arms to meet people you do not live with unless they are in your support bubble

  • You can travel outside your area to stay in hotels but can only share a room or a table with people in your household or support bubble

If you live in a Tier 3 area - we empathise with your situation and wish things were different but unfortunately you are not permitted to visit us at this time.

We will be in touch with anyone who has a room or table reservation that may fall foul of the laws and restrictions. We will do this for new bookings at the point of reservation, confirmation and, if necessary, on arrival at The Devonshire Arms. I expect my team to do everything to remind people of their responsibilities but they are not solely responsible and we hope and trust all our guests will continue to exercise their best judgement. Please do not be offended when and if my team ask questions - they are not intending to insult anyone. They are doing as required to ensure everyones safety and clarify the seemingly ever changing rules and guest areas.

It does seems that the government is heading ever closer to making a distinction between places where you can sit and enjoy a meal and drinks and those where you are likely to go just for a few drinks. Whether you agree or not, what is certain is that, that does indeed validate our belief that The Devonshire Arms is a safe place to spend time. As long as we are not locked down as we were in March, April, May and June we can all still sensibly enjoy escaping the madness at The Devonshire Arms.

We have done a great deal to become Covid-secure - not simply meeting the base requirements and will continue to evolve as the situation requires it - introducing new safety and cleaning practices as the situation changes.

If you can’t visit us or don’t feel comfortable to do so in the current situation we hope you stay safe and look forward to seeing you in the future.

If you can and wish to visit The Devonshire Arms; whether for a pint by the fire, a Spiced Pumpkin Latte after your Shepherds Pie, a glass of chilled Chablis with the Sea Bass or a restful night in a four poster or cosy double we look forward to seeing you.

In the meantime we will all carry on and no matter what changes occur we will always have your safety and the safety of our team front and centre in our mind and our actions.

Take care. Be Safe. Be Kind.

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