Uncertain Times - An Update

To all of our amazing guests and the local community,

Yesterday began with a senior team meeting to discuss the ongoing implication of the current pandemic. A few hours later following Boris Johnson’s statement, we were coming to terms with what would be the most responsible course of action to take in light of the public crisis we are all facing.

While there is no simple or correct response, these are extremely uncertain times with new information filtering through on an hourly basis. Despite this, we want to do our best to make the right and responsible decision for all.

After much soul searching, we will be remaining open for anyone wanting to dine with us or escape the madness with a glass of wine.

Our 5 Star hygiene standards will be extended and now include:

• Every table will look bare when you arrive as salt & pepper, menu’s and cutlery will have been sanitised for you and will be yours for the duration of your visit before being sanitised again for the next guest

• We will only be using alternate tables to maintain social spacing

• Bar surfaces are being sanitised regularly as are door handles - toilet flushes and anything else you have to touch

• Sanitiser will be available

• Everything to remove the chance of cross contamination is being reviewed, changed and removed.

• The breakfast buffet is no more and, as has always been the case with our pubs, you will always have a fresh glass- safe in the knowledge that it and every piece of glassware, crockery and cutlery have been through professional commercial washing machines.

Over the years, we have always had the best interests of the community at heart and that remains so.

Many may not want to visit shops and, taking this into account, we are turning our cooking expertise and experience from our award-winning chef to design and create meals suitable for home delivery and collection. A weekly meal-plan and an evening’s meal for two or four will be available to add variety and quality to keep you healthy over this period.

Above all, the most important thing at this time, is to stay safe and well but we encourage everyone to stay in touch over social media. Please make the right decision for you and your families, whatever that might be.

We will continue to keep you posted but we are for the time being open, smiling big smiles of welcome in our heavily sanitised environment.

With love, gratitude and best wishes,

Take care

David & Samantha xxx

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