Wine @ Home

Picking a nice wine in the supermarket is a challenge.

How on earth do you choose - many look for the biggest discount but can you really trust that the wine was ever really worth the supposed original price?

There is so much choice!

We are often complimented on our wine list, the availability by the glass, the prices and the selection and I am frequently even asked to sell wines for home consumption.

So we have sampled, selected & arrived a 12 wines to offer for home consumption to supplement our existing list. It has been a difficult and testing journey but someone had to do it and I am pleased with the 1 rose, 5 whites and 6 reds we have arrived at for you.

When you explore the choices you will quickly notice that there are no wines priced at less than £9 a bottle. This is not because of how much margin we are adding rather a little known reality.... when you buy a £7.50 bottle of wine only £1.50 is actually for the wine. The rest of your money is paying for logistics, marketing, packaging, tax and margin. In a £10 bottle of wine you are typically paying £2.56 for the wine. When you pay £20 it is £7.09. (Source: Vinonomics 2017 The UK Wine Pricing Uncovered).

Simply put, a £6.00 or £7.50 bottle of wine is really not very good.

From the new wines we have a mixed reds case available from £61 and at mixed white / rose box available for the same price.

Venturing up in price you could select my box of the month which selects 4 of the new wines along with a bottle of Passori and a bottle of Amarone at £80.

Happy tasting

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